Just Spray and Scan ...

Introducing POCUS Spray - After over 40 years of ultrasound gels, the ultrasound spray has finally arrived. Adding to the suite of transmission media for medical ultrasound exams POCUS Spray streamlines point-of-care ultrasound.

Just spray and scan ...

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Developed by a Doctor for Healthcare Professionals

Developed by Professor Dr. Med. Helmut Haas a renowned urologist, academic and expert in field of ultrasound. What began as a passionate ambition to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare practices has now become a reality.







CE Approved

Sustainability attributes

7 Times Less Volume: A Multifaceted Impact

The introduction of POCUS Spray to clinical practice will result in enhanced precision for physicians, improved patient comfort, and cost savings for hospitals and clinics while at the same time contributing to net-zero commitments.

50 ml Ultrasound Gel

3 examinations using ~20 ml/exam

50 ml POCUS Spray

18 examinations using ~2.78 ml/exam

Introducing PoCUS

An Acronym that Stands for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

This type of ultrasound is different from traditional ultrasounds in that it does not require a large machine or special equipment.

Instead, PoCUS can be performed using portable devices that are about the size of a smartphone. 

Using POCUS Spray has made my ultrasound exams so much cleaner and faster. What a great addition to the suite of coupling agents

Dr. Holger Friedrich (PhD)

I was hesitant to try POCUS Spray, but after using it, I am a new champion. It's a much better sterile approach than the “old gel” bottles plus I love the fact that I am helping to reduce levels of clinical waste.

Dr. Kathryn Malherbe (Medsol AI)

POCUS Spray makes ultrasound guided vascular access quicker, less clean up and less concern over dressings not sticking compared to the gels.

Dr. Keith Kennedy (Emergency Medicine Doctor and Paramedic)

The Story of



Work to establish POCUS Spray began just as the Covid pandemic was reshaping our world and indeed lessons learned from the pandemic has also shaped the strategic direction of the company.




POCUS Spray is available only where the CE mark is accepted. Please contact us to be directed to your local distributor

Depending on stock holding by local distributors, your order will normally take 3-5 days.


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POCUS Spray is on a mission to reduce the levels of environmental waste associated with ultrasound examinations. Let's make a change together!